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Sizing Information

We buy from so many different vendors that we don't have a standard size chart. We will try to be as detailed as possible about each item's fit and size.  It is best to compare the measurements of our items with the measurements of a piece of clothing that fits you as you would want our piece to fit you.  If you have any specific questions please email us at

This is how we measure our clothing!

We lay each garment flat and measure right across from side to side without stretching the fabric.  To help ensure that you order the correct size, please take your favorite garment (one that is similar in shape and fabric as the one you want to order) that fits you as you would want our item to fit you, and measure it as we have measured ours and compare the measurements before ordering.  Please don't measure your body. Our sizes will be listed in inches. 

This is how we will measure our jewelry!

For necklaces, we will measure the chain length in inches.

For bracelets, we will measure the length in inches. For bangles, we will measure the diameter of the bangle in inches.


For earrings, we will measure the length and diameter in inches.